May 20 (2023) Meeting

We would like to thank all the speakers for the great presentations, and all the participants from different regions of the world who contributed to a successful meeting! 


Pre-event announcement below



Date & Time: Saturday, May 20th (1:30PM ~ 4:30PM)
*Japan Standard Time (JST): UTC+9

Location: Zoom online space

Please use the following link to register:


The first part of the meeting will be a presentation by:
松尾 徹 (大阪女学院大学)
[Translation] Tohru Matsuo (Osaka Jogakuin University)

Title: Xreading を使った私立大学でのオンライン多読プログラム
[Translation] Online extensive reading program using Xreading at a private university

(Language: Japanese)


The second part of the meeting will be a presentation by:
Akie Yasunaga (Tokyo Denki University) = 安永明恵(東京電機大学)

Title: Disintegrated 4 Skills? Why Don't We Move Forward to Socially Oriented (Bi)Literacy Practice?

Abstract: Language teachers are making great efforts to establish the foundation of communicative competence in Japanese students; however, the focus on five areas, four skills and communicative skills, often encourages teachers to treat any skills in isolation of communicative events. However, by applying recently expanded views of literacy, New Literacy Studies (NLS), teachers can significantly extend their classroom instructions. In this talk, I will first position the current expanded views of literacy, focusing on the socio-cognitive approach of literacy and NLS. Then I will briefly touch upon Task-Based Language Teaching and sociocultural theory, thereby mapping out the ground for socially-oriented biliteracy practice in EFL classroom settings. Finally, I will present my classroom-oriented research that applied NLS. The participants will experience literacy instructions, using a video talk.

Bio: Akie Yasunaga is a lecturer at Tokyo Denki University. She holds M.S. Ed. in TESOL and studied CBI pedagogy for decades. She conducted oral and written discourse analysis and is currently exploring possibilities of (bi)literacy education in EFL contexts. 

(Language: English)


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